Cotton Club 7/15

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Cotton Club 7/15

The smaller of a pair of combos drawing their inspiration from the groundbreaking British pop music of the '60s, the Cotton Club 7/15 builds on the available amp technology of the day to make its signature sound more accessible in a variety of recording and live situations. The 7/15 has the facility to switch between Single-Ended, and Push-Pull modes, empowering their EL84-driven output stage to make a full contribution to the sound and response of the amplifier at manageable volume levels.

Using a footswitch, players are able to switch between a clean channel with simple treble, bass and volume controls, and a higher gain channel with presence, treble and bass controls, plus a gain control ranging from light to medium crunch. The addition of a boost on channel 2 moves the sound into a more modern era but, overall, the gain structure is kept purposely low, enabling the guitarist to add pedals for a saturated lead tone without compromising the dynamic response of the output stage. Channel 2 also features a master volume control for balancing the levels of lead and rhythm settings.

The voice control is provided to match the pickups to the amplifier and has the effect of 'thickening' a single coil pickup which is too thin, or 'thinning' a humbucker which is too thick.

Plug in, start playing and the strong core tone of the Cotton Club 7/15 immediately makes its presence felt. Clean sounds exhibit a rich, woody chime while channel 2 pushes into a smooth and dynamically responsive overdrive, yielding a satisfying crunch.

The 7/15 kicks out a maximum of 15-Watts via its single 12" Celestion G12M Greenback speaker and can be cranked up full in the studio when switched into 7-Watt mode.

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