Petite 5

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Petite 5

The Petite 5 is a 5-Watt single channel valve combo that sounds glorious with both single coil and humbucker-equipped guitars. The low power output delivers the rich sound of a cranked vintage amp at sensible volume levels, making the Petite 5 perfect for studio recording.

Inspired by the designs of the '60s, the Petite 5 effortlessly pumps out the classic rock guitar sounds heard on so many memorable records from that decade. A dual switchable power stage invites the guitarist to choose between an EL84 valve for a gritty, British flavour or a 6V6 for a glassier, more direct, American tone, while the footswitchable boost introduces an extra valve gain stage, pushing the sound further into a raunchy, '70s overdrive.

The Petite 5's beauty is more than skin deep. Components are mounted on gold turret tags which are hand-wired to create a pure and elegant circuit layout. The full character of the amplifier is realised by a 10" Celestion G10 Greenback -  a speaker renowned for its weighty low end, creamy mid-range and top-end clarity.

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